“RPCHAW Community: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It’s a mission: to explore the mystery of the rp helper community, to offer guidance and support, to boldly help where no helpers have helped before.”
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fantasydreamer4life sent:

I've got two questions. One: What do you think could play Amber Heard's older brother? And two, if Kaley Cuoco was older and had kids, who do you think could play her kids? Between the ages of 18-30?

I apologize, but you have contacted the wrong ship. We only help RPCHAW types of blogs. These helpers may be more suitable on your voyage. -Spock

Anonymous sent:

Would you give any tips or something on how to RP any of you guys?

Any of you guys? Now I’m confused. People want to RP as us? Be sexy and hot. *winks* Confidence! That’s important. - Kirk.

While we’re at it, instead of wondering who the hell runs this ship when Jim and Spock are online, is there any guide or tips any of you might need? I guess when we agreed to start this blog, it was to be helpful to you, humans, vulcans or… Whatever you might be, as long as you’re helpful. Nevermind. If there’s any guide you’d like to see, please, send a message to our PADDs right over there. - McCoy

Anonymous sent:

So we can have the Freudian Trio as our cheerleaders. Sweet.

No, you cannot. I thought Spock made it clear that he does not cheer. I don’t either. Unless you’re really good. Or Jim. - McCoy

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daisybuchananrph sent:

Hello! I was wondering if I could get a review for my RPCW blog? I would appreciate it, and thanks in advance!

Your request shall be added. 

Unfortunately this shall be our final RPCHAW review for the time being. Requests will be reopened when this review has been posted. Thank you. -Spock

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chachihelper sent:

Hello! Can we get an RPCHAW Review please? I know that we're a little slow with releasing original content, but we try. :3 Thank you very much!

We shall add your request to our list of responsibilities and post it when we can. You’re welcome. -Spock

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I’m a doctor not a helper: A Simple guide to FC Help

Most RPCWHA seem to give FC Help, yet, I always seem to see the same suggestions on the dash. Of course, not everyone knows many possible faceclaims, and the helper might have their favorites, but your job is to help people in need of one here, and, if they ask you, they probably already scrolled down your favorite faceclaims tag to see if they’d find inspiration. What they need is help to find an FC that would fit their vision of the character, in that little spaceship called imagination in the universe that is their brain. Here’s a few tips on how to be the best at FC Help.

  • List as many possibilities a you can find. That one is pretty obvious, but even if there’s one you’re not completely sure fits, write them down, and add besides why you thought of them and the problems you have with them. Keep them no matter what, because maybe the asker is a bit unsure and will find these perfect.
  • Use any resources you can find. Any of them. Whether it’s FC lists on tumblr, actors list on listal or IMDB, or simply google. Yes, sometimes googling ‘blue eyed actors’ can help more than any brainstorming would. If you don’t exactly know where to find these, scroll down a bit and, if you can read, you’ll be able to find a few places with nice FC lists for you.
  • When in need of siblings suggestions, ask your little Google friend if they know of any family template for this person, or check if some other people didn’t already answer a similar question. It can give you some other ideas, and you can definitely link your answer to these answers as well. Though, never do this and post a copy pasted answer without a credit. It’s extremly rude, and is considered stealing.
  • You’re stuck? Ask for help. Asking for help can be pretty useful, and you don’t even have to add every suggestion you might get from friends or fellow RPHs. It’ll just be a great way to find about new faceclaims you may not know about, and make your answers more diverse. Of course, if you use an idea that isn’t yours, credit the person who gave it to you.
  • Try to link your suggestions to pictures, and give the age of the suggested FCs, or an age range. Of course, it will take you some more time, but you wanted to help, didn’t you? If the asker doesn’t know the FC you’re suggesting, just having to click their name for more information or a picture will make it way easier for them.
  • Do not whitewash. This is incredibly important. Unless the person sending you a request specifically asked for a white faceclaim, or any specific background, do not give them a list of white faceclaims. 
  • Try to give suggestions that do not always fall under the extremly used label. Before they came to ask you, there’s a lot of chances your asker already thought of Logan Lerman, the One Direction or Selena Gomez, these faceclaims you can find in almost every roleplay. If you think they’d fit, of course you can suggest them, but try to diversify your answer, and if suggesting Selena Gomez, try to find also some underused FCs to suggest.

Various faceclaims lists on tumblr

But, Bones, what do I type in google to get the result I want?

First, off, don’t call me Bones. My name is Leonard and this nickname is extremly stupid. Then, it’s pretty simple. Ask this lovely website exactly what you need and it will give it to you. Let’s say someone asked you for a redhead that looked quite bubbly, between eighteen and twenty two years old. With such a request, I can either check a few FC lists, or simply ask google to get me a ‘list red haired actresses’. The first five links are exactly this, X X X X and X. All of these could be useful. The first four ones, lists from IMDB, Ranker and listal all have pictures joined to the lists. Just look at these. Note down the ones you think would fit, depending on their pictures, movies they’ve been in and such. Then, you just have to answer. It’s really simple as this. 

These three sites, Wikipedia and Google can find you lists for pretty much any kind of faceclaim you might need. Really. So use it. These are not tribbles, there’s not any weird trick behind this tip. It will just make your life easier. Just use it. Or learn about all FCs in the galaxy, but unless you’re some kind of living encyclopedia -or a Vulcan-, it might be a tidbit difficult. - McCoy 

The Bridge Edits: FChelpers also made a guide giving away all their secrets. You can check it out here

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RPCHAW Community: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It’s mission: to explore the mystery of the rp helper community, to offer guidance and support, to boldly help where no helpers have helped before.

What We Do

  • Answer any questions you might have about rpchaw in general
  • Offer one on one private help for your rpchaw blog
  • Offer detailed and explanatory tips on being an rpchaw
  • Editing and proof-reading help (submit text to our inbox)
  • RPCHAW full reviews
  • Be your personal cheerleader and support all your endeavors (except for Spock, he does not cheer).
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Anonymous sent:

"Bones can’t do anything that isn’t seventeen and Russian" IS BONES DOING CHEKOV?

I am not aware of any such contact. Doctor, is there something you need to explain? -Spock

What and who I do is none of your business Spock. Not yours either unknown person. Damn it Jim why the hell would you write that. - McCoy

Hah! I knew it. It wasn’t me. - Kirk

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Spock’s Tips on Organization: Navigation Pages

As a RPCHAW blog, organization will be very important for yourself and for the people who will come to you seeking assistance. As the captain of your page, you must make sure they are able to find what they are looking for. I have assembled some tips to hopefully help you in working a navigation page. 

  • I suggest that you use a custom navigation theme. They are not only more appealing, but allow for better organization with specified headers and other options. I have below a few navigation themes that should be more than sufficient for your needs.
  • Set up a tag system for everything you post, from original content to posts you reblog. How you choose to tag something does not matter, but make sure it will work to successfully set up a navigation where each post will be in it’s appropriate position.
  • On your navigation have a link for any resource you could ever post. Everything you post should be a resource to someone. That is where the tagging system becomes an advantage. The more specific the specified tag, the more helpful the link will be. 
  • The most important matter is to assure that anything can be found by whoever should need it. 

Examples of Well-Organized Navigation Pages

Suggested Custom Navigation Themes

More Navigation Themes

May this information help you on your vogage. Live long and prosper. -Spock

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